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Clasping his hands behind his head, Rickard closed his eyes, loving the sensations that were coursing through his loins. He listened to the loud slurping sounds resonating off the stone walls of his bedroom as his slave used her expert mouth to service his massive prick. Her tongue swirled and stroked over his cockhead lapping at his thick precum as it dribbled out of his shaft at a near constant rate. Her lips traveling up and down the entire length of his pipe catching his discharge or sucking it up as it pooled on his balls. Every so often she groaned at the taste but, like the good whore she was, kept dutifully at the task. She had been at it for awhile now and it was time to finish up. Rickard reached one hand down and found her hair as her lips slurped loudly at the base of his balls. He heard, and felt, her release an exasperated sigh as he griped her locks in his hand and tugged her upwards, positioning her mouth at his cockhead. He cracked open his eyes a bit and caught her angry glare as he forcefully shoved her head to and fro, smearing her face over the tip of his dick and streaking her cheeks with wetness. Chuckling to himself, he pushed her head down and her shiny lips parted around his shaft. Moaning in pleasure his other hand came down, almost involuntarily, to grip her ponytail as he began feeding her his length.

Syx swallowed hard as Rickards meaty cock pushed insistently at the back of her throat. She tasted his slimy precum as it oozed out and she swallowed again, continuing over and over until he sank down fully, her mouth nestled tightly at his balls, her lips stretched obscenely around his ugly prick. She looked upward, past his distended pot belly as his cock twitched in her throat, to the wrinkled old face of her master as he pursed his lips and leered down at her stupidly.

She could tell what he was going to do next. Sometimes he liked his “Morning, wake up, blowjob” slow, with her working his shaft for what seemed like an eternity, coaxing the hefty load from his balls. But today, he wanted it deep , fast and nasty. She knew, in a few moments, he would clutch her hair tightly and begin thumping her face up and down on his cock, fucking her face as hard as he could.

As if reading her mind, Syx felt the long bony fingers of Rickard’s other hand tangle in her hair to get a good, solid grip. She let out a gurgle of protest, sputtering at his balls, spittle bubbling around his prick as he started. With a quick yank, her mouth was pulled up to the tip of his cock, and without hesitation, he slammed her back down again. Her lips had barely touched his nutsack when he was once more tugging her upwards. Syx eyes shut tightly as he crammed her throat with his dick, spit and precum flying from her mouth as he began giving her a frenzied face fucking. Groaning in pleasure he pull her off his cock for a brief moment and she sputtered and coughed as tears streamed down her cheeks from the ordeal. Swinging his hips from side to side he slapped her face with his dick a few times before shoving her back down again.
“That’s it you cum sponge! Drain ‘em, Syx …” he yelled out, suddenly lifting his skinny legs and wrapping them about her head and shoulders crossing and locking his ankles behind her back.

Syx squealed pitifully as he shoved his bulbous meat as far down her throat as he could, pumping her mouth. Using his hips and hands to make short, deep thrusts as his whore gurgled, sputtered and began slapping at his legs uselessly as he held her still. Rickards back arched, his rump coming clear off the bed as he pushed his cock as deep as it could possible go, his cum barreling up his shaft, exploding in a torrent deep down her throat.

Syx muscles worked instinctively swallowing over and over as Rickard screamed vulgarities at her. She could feel his scalding hot seed flooding down and filling her belly as he held her there unloading himself into his cum slut.

Finally, the flow started to subside. But she knew she wasn’t done yet. She glared upwards as Rickard untangled his legs from behind her shoulders and pulled her up to the head of his, still twitching, cock. She tried to resist but his control over her forced her to comply. Thick spunk flooded her mouth, coating her tongue. Syx shut her eyes trying, unsuccessfully, to block out the awful taste.
Her cheeks bulged as she caught the last of it. Gurgling a useless objection as he fired a few more thick ropey strands and then, callously slipped himself from her mouth, his softening cock flopping free onto the bed.

Syx frowned as Rickard stretched, giving a loud yawn and scratching his belly idily. Paying her no attention as she sat there awaiting his instructions. He lazily rubbed his sleep crusted eyes and then turned to glance at her.

“Alright, let’s see, slut. Open up” he said, almost dismissively.

Syx tilted her head back as not to spill any of the disgusting cum and pried open her mouth a fraction of an inch, all she could without spilling the massive load of spunk.

Rickard nodded his approval.

“Okay. Swallow it.” he said


Syx cursed inwardly , it was better to take one massive gulp than to slowly drink it down, but she had no choice and she did as her master instructed, working her tongue about to separate and take small sips of his awful sperm. After a minute or so she was finally done and she opened her mouth for Rickards inspection.

He chuckled as he placed the tip of his dick at her lips once more and squeezed out a final thick glob onto her tongue.

“Almost missed some.” He laughed.

Syx moaned as more of his seed dribbled over her tongue, not so much at the indignity, but because she knew that as soon as she had finished making Rickard his breakfast she would once more be on her knees under the table, his cock in her mouth, slurping on his shaft for her “breakfast.”



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