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Recently someone voted that Syx be added to the Sex Arcade series that Sabu does!     http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/sabudenego

However she will ony be drawn if she gets enough votes.


I have come ask… nay… BEG   that if you are a patreon of Sabu that you will vote to see him add Syx into his Sex Arcade.  I have been a long term patreon and fan of Sabu from way back when he wasn’t nearly the phenomal artist he has grown into.  And to see this happen?  Wow…

How awesome would that be? To get a piece of art drawn by Sabu that puts Syx where her orgins are? As a sex slave!   Not only that but this would be a character who isn’t owned by some manor corporation given the  Sabu touch and I think would be really cool to show that the Sex Arcade  doesn’t discriminate. They will allow a lesser known character who  doesn’t belong to some huge conglomerate into their stable of  if the  clients want them.

OH and you KNOW I would write a story to accompany this! I mean how cool would that be? To have the actual creator of a  character added to the Sex Arcade write a story FOR THEIR CHARACTER that has art done by Sabu? Think  about it! It’s not fan stuff like you get with Black Cat or any of the  others. This would be ME! Syx’s creator!  :D


Lets make it happen lords and ladies!  XD


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