By scratch
Trouble with Trolls - FINAL PAGES


So its been a while, I recently had a major computer issue. I won't bother with all the details but my computer stopped working, smoke started coming out of the hard-drive (the one with all my Manaworld files!)
I thought I'd lost EVERYTHING!

The computer tech guy was... well, let's just say I wasn't very confident in his abilities.

Example: I have 2 HDs one with my programs and OS and another for my stored files:

Tech: "We will see if we can do a data recovery.. but like Hard drives have these disks in them that spin so they can get damaged"

Me: "My drives are SSD drives."

Tech: "Oh they are? Both of them?"

Me: "Yes"

Him: "Oh.. well um.. they are they are different but they ... um, can have their own problems too..."

I mean if you are a Computertech and are working on a machine for a couple of days shouldn't you have noticed that the Harddrives are SSD HDs?

NEVERMIND THAT I BOTH TOLD HIM AND SHOWED HIM THAT WHEN I DROPPED IT OFF.  (I'd opened the case to show which hard-drive had started smoking)

Anyway, as I had thought (and told the tech) there was a problem with the power. So... Long story short. The good news is I didn't lose all my Manaworld files. I'd had work backed up (of course, but had a problem booting up some of those External HD too)

I did lose some of the most recent work, its not nearly as bad as I thought.  AND the tech did.. something. Turning off some of my settings or what have you so some of my programs have been acting VERY wonky. I've been fixing them myself which has been a pain in the ass.  
And of course with the recent state of the world throwing a wrench into things...

Anyway. Enough of all that.

I hope that you enjoy the page, will try and get a few more soon as I can. Till then thank you sincerely for your patience, and please from me to all of you and your loved ones, STAY SAFE!


Syx the elven sex slave is tasked with looking after some trolls by her Master Rickard. With her big elf tits and round ass on display, it's easy to see why sucking and fucking is the only thing on their minds. Looks to be a very long vacation for our heroine in Trouble with Trolls. If you missed her riding huge cock you can catch up with the pages here.

If you missed the last story: Breaking and Entering you can see Syx, our naughty elf slave slut getting screwed, used and abused in all her holes while performing a bit of burglary, here.

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