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Syx grit her teeth and gripped the edge of the filthy mattress as her body was rocked forward again. She felt him bottom out, her cunt stretching to accommodate the bulbous head and thick, rock hard length of his shaft. She barely managed to catch a quick gasp of air before he had pulled back and slammed into her once more causing her to grunt out loudly. She lost her handhold, spilling forward, her huge breasts pillowing out from the sides of her body as she moaned through another body shaking shove from the fat brute behind her.

“Get your ass back here ya slant slut!” the smelly sailor barked using the derogatory term for Elf, demeaning her even further. His heavy calloused hands gripped the belt and leather skirt that was pushed up around her waist tightly. Using it as makeshift handles he yanked her back forcefully impaling the struggling whore once again on his massive cock. A stifled squeak escaped her lips as her pussy met and gripped the base of his length.
Syx pushed herself back to all fours and her head shook back and forth in time to his thrusting, grunting in her throat with each pump. She could feel his sweaty belly banging against her ass with each powerful thrust while below her, his large hairy balls swung forward, smacking against her engorged clit as he continued his aggressive fucking.

“Holy shit that’s a tight pussy. Are all you slants this tight, bitch?” he asked rhetorically, sliding one hand up to grip her shoulder using the leverage to brutally ram his dick into her again.

“Yeah, look at ‘im go! That’s what I’m talking about!” one of the other men in the room jeered. “Fuck that elf bitch good, Belcer!””

Syx cracked her eyes open and immediately regretted it. Stepping forward was another of the disgusting johns who had “hired” her for the night. He was covered with tattoos and she saw, through blurred eyes, him reach a hand forward to grip her pony tail. With a sharp tug he pulled her head upward causing her to groan as her face slid over his large cock. He held her head up even as his fat friend continued to pump away at her tight hole from behind. Griping his dick in one hand he ran it across her cheek and over her mouth. Syx could taste his bitter pre-cum, felt the stickiness of it as he smeared his cockhead on her lips.

“Come on, girl. Open that mouth. I never fucked an elf throat before!” He emphasized his need with another sharp tug on her hair. Syx heard laughter from the corner of the room and her eyes darted to the other 2 “men” waiting to take their turn with her. She moaned with resignation and parted her lips slightly .

Rickard hadn’t had any business deals for her this evening and so had given Syx the night off, which actually meant, he sent her out onto the street to make him some quick cash by prostituting herself. The evening hadn’t been too bad at first. She had avoided most of the more slovenly looking degenerates staggering from the taverns, managing to get away with sucking off a few guys an alley, a quickie with a barrel chested warrior who had simply bent her over a crate and pumped her pussy for a few minutes , dumping his load in her and then stalking off into darkness, and a ten minute tit-job to a extremely drunk dwarf. She had almost made it to the midnight hour when she was cornered by a group of sailors who had just made port. By the look of them , however, Syx figured they were most likely pirates instead of the merchant sailors they claimed to be.

They had approached whistling and making lewd motions but Syx had managed to deflect their questions and comments regarding sex, cutting them off midsentence and talking over them loudly. She quickly tried to quote them a ridiculous price to dissuade their advances. They had immediately called her a “crazy bitch” and very nearly stormed away in a huff shouting obscenities, but, as her luck would have it, at the last second before disappearing onto the city street, one of them had turned around and simply said “Come on, slant. Let us fuck you.”

And that was enough. Her damned cursed manacles had taken over and she was forced to comply. She simply sighed and motioned for them to follow her to the dingy room she had rented for the night. Syx had still managed to get them to agree to paying for her services, although at a much reduced rate , even though the curse would make her perform however they wished. Thankfully, they didn’t know that. They simply figured they had somehow managed to convince her to drop her price, otherwise, they would not only be fucking her for free but she would then have to deal with Rickard for not making any decent coin.

Before the door was even fully closed one of them had reached over and pulled her top down exposing her massive blue hued breasts to the cool air. Another had stepped forward and unceremoniously run his fingers over her boot and fishnet clad thighs, under her short black leather skirt and, pulling her thin, silky thong aside, had wriggled two large fingers into her still dry pussy. Syx had gasped loudly and tried to push him backward but he had her hooked like a fish and lifted her slightly by her cunt, forcing her to go to her tip toes and grab his shoulders for support as her high heeled boots caused her to almost topple over.

The rest of them laughed as the sailor bounced her pussy in his hand and she finally started to lubricate. Pulling out of her with a wet sucking sound the four of them had then pushed her to her knees as they continued tugging off their foul, sweat stained clothing. Three of them were human. The first was an extremely overweight slob with a flat nose, missing teeth and a thick meaty cock. The next two were large, ugly brutes with bulging corded muscles. One was covered with tattoos while the other had crisscrossing scars over his torso and upper arms. Both sported dicks of almost the exact same size, long and dirty looking. The only difference being a black tattoo that wrapped around one of them.

But the last was the worst. A large, burly Pigman. He must have weighed close to 500 pounds with a fat belly, thick arms and legs, all covered with bristles of rough hair. He drooled from the sides of his tusked mouth. His large pigs snout glistened wetly in the dim light of the room, beady eyes leering down at Syx as he towered over her. Leaning forward he had licked the side of her face with a long slimy tongue. His already pungent aroma heightened by the sea salt and filth that was caked on his dirty hide. He grunted and reached down to stroke a cock that was massive even flaccid, and without warning, had griped her head and shoved her face into his ball sack. Syx had gagged from the smell and beat her tiny fists on his fat thighs as he rolled her head and mouth over his groin.

They had all started pulling and shoving at her then, pushing their dicks into her mouth at the same time, stretching the poor elf sluts jaws wide. The pirates soon realized, however, that they needed to get more organized, and so, they had tossed Syx onto the bed, leaving her alone for a few moments to pick and pull a few of the Pigman’s pubic hairs from her mouth as they argued amongst themselves as to who get to would violate her first.

The fat man had won out and he had stepped forward ordering Syx to “get on all fours so he could fuck her like the bitch she was.” She had done as she was told and he had wedged his body behind her, groping and probing around until he placed his thick dick at the entrance to her tight hole. He rubbed his cock head over her slit a few times calling out that she was soaking wet, that her pussy was begging for his dick. Syx blushed deeply as the men laughed, then Fatso, poking about a bit more, lined himself up with her poor pussy and with no further hesitation, plunged his entire length into her.

Belcer was in heaven. He looked down at the sexy elf as she squirmed in his grip, tightened his hands on her belted waist, and continued to slam her back and forth, rutting into her as hard as he could. He watched her ass bounce and shake with ever thrust. Her bluish-purple skin had become flushed, taking on a brighter hue as he worked his meaty shaft over and over in her tight hole. A sheen of sweat was already quickly building on her skin giving her a wonderful glow in the dim lamp light that made him want to fuck her even harder.

“Shit, this bitch’s cunt is nice.” he grunted as his belly slapped loudly against her bouncing ass. Glancing over he saw Pogun stroking his massive near foot and a half long cock and eying the elf’s ass hungrily. He was licking his long tongue over his snout, spittle dribbling down his bristle covered chin. Belcer couldn’t help but smile. By the way he was watching the whores butt jiggle and shake it was obvious Pogun intended to give her a good rear end reaming when his turn came.

Turning his attention back to the silky skinned slut, Belcer watched as Croach stepped up, and tangling his fingers in her long white hair, lifted her head with a tug. He began shoving his tattooed cock towards her mouth and, after a moment or two of reluctance on the whores part, started feeding it through her full lips. She seemed to be having a bit of trouble swallowing his length. Most likely due to the way she was being rocked about as he slammed into her. But Belcer didn’t care, in fact he enjoyed watching her struggle. The slut suddenly made a loud gurgling sound and Croach’s dick sank balls deep into her throat. He quickly grabbed her head in both of his large strong hands and began fucking into her face, ignoring her sputtering as spittle flew from her lips and coated his shaft. Belcer, still hammering into her, felt her pussy tighten vice-like around his dick and his eyes rolled back in his head. Hers was by far the tightest cunt he had ever fucked and the way she was gurgling and moaning made him want to pop at any second, but somehow, the whore was keeping him just barely on the edge of orgasm and he slammed into her with wild abandon.

Syx eyes crossed as she watched the tattooed cock disappear below her nose and she felt it stretch her throat. It smelled terrible and she could taste the salt and grime as it stroked over her tongue. She cursed inwardly as she gagged on Tattoo boys gritty shaft. It was the damn collar, of course. Syx was a master cocksucker and could easily take even a overly large length like his with no trouble, but the pirate currently sliding his dick into her mouth must have secretly enjoyed a woman having trouble deep-throating him and so the collar was forcing Syx to gag and sputter as he looked down at her.

“Fuck, slant! Don’t you know how to suck cock properly? Come on take the fuckin’ dick!” he demanded pushing her head further down. Syx coughed again, spittle dribbling around his balls. She glared up at him angrily knowing that he was enjoying every second of her discomfort but with his immense cock lodged in her throat it was a bit difficult to call him out on it. Never mind the fact that his friend was pounding into her relentlessly from behind. How could a fat out of shape slob like that have so much energy!? Another gag took her by surprise and she looked upward again at Tattoo. He was staring down at her with a twisted grin on his face, his hands firmly placed on the sides of her head. He released her for just a moment, sliding one hand under her chin and jaw and the other to grip her hair, gathering it into a ponytail. He then redoubled his efforts, leaning back he began jerking her head up and down at a furious pace, causing her eyes to wet with the effort and tears to stream down her cheeks. The sounds of her gagging and slurping filled the room adding to the steady slap, slap, slap from the man pounding her pussy.

“Oh yeah, bitch! Keep working that dick. You better swallow too.” he grunted “You spill any we’ aint paying you shit , got it, slut!? Oh, fucking yeah you sweet slant! This is what you were made for, you hear me? ” he yelled down at her. Syx, wasn’t even listening to his rant instead she was getting more concerned with what was moments from happening. She knew he was going to cum before he did. She could feel it in his incessant thrusting, the tightness of his balls as they slapped on her chin. Time slowed as her tongue massaged the angry shaft. She felt the pressure building as cum barreled down his length. Syx couldn’t tell if it was the collar or her own revulsion that made her groan loudly around the dick as his scalding hot semen began rushing out, coating her throat. Tattoo was pumping her head up and down at a maddening pace sending spunk sliding and spurting down her gullet toward her stomach. Another splash filed her mouth and she tasted every bit of it as it coated her tongue, salty and bitter. His fat dickhead helped to push the clinging cum down her throat though as he slammed her head back down again and she was at least thankful for that small favor. Behind her she felt Fatso finally tense up and his fingers dug painfully into her small waist as he crammed himself as far as he could possible go into her pulsating pussy. Syx winced as she gulped down another mouthful of Tattoo’s nasty semen even as the overweight thug cried out in ecstasy, his balls emptying his seed into her. Syx muscles instinctively clamped down. Her cunt, so well trained, squeezed and undulated, milking his shaft of the warm deposit of slime pumping into her tender pussy. Fatso fell forward onto her, and Syx let out a muffled moan of protest around the dick still stuck in her mouth as her aching muscles supported the ponderous weight of his sweaty body as it settled on her back. He wrapped a strong arm about her waist and kept pumping his hips with small, but powerful, thrusts. His other hand gripped her left breast, kneading it with his fat, calloused fingers.

“You’re the best whore I ever had, you know that?” he whispered breathlessly, almost lovingly into her ear.

Syx rolled her eyes. What did he expect to her to say “Thanks for the compliment?” Syx shook her head back and wriggled free of Tattoos slacking grip. His dick pulled free of her lips and she glanced at it. Where once it was dirty and grimy it was now shining and slick. Syx felt disgusted that she had quite literally polished his pole. There even a wasn’t a trace of the copious amount of sperm that was moments ago pumping into her mouth.

Fatso finally lifted himself off of her and shuffled backwards causing her pussy to spasm as his dick popped free with an embarrassing loud sucking sound. Tattoo, however, wasn’t quite done and he tightened his grip in her hair once more and started rubbing his cock over her face.

“What a pretty little slant you are.” he said with a low throaty breath, ” You liked that, huh? Sure you did. Whores like you love drinking lots of cum, don’t ya?” he asked. Syx frowned as he smacked her with his now spotless but softening dick, making wet slapping noises on her forehead and cheeks. With a breathy sigh, he released her hair and Syx relaxed her arms, dropping to the bed and rolling over to her back as he stepped away.


“Draven’s Scythe! This bitch is a good fuck!” Belcer exclaimed as he clumsily rolled off the bed and waddled over to plop down on a battered wooden stool at the edge of the small room.

“Go ahead. But don’t be all night, see? I wanna get in another go with her after I catch my breath.” He managed to huff out after a few moments, while at the same time, motioning to Pogun and Korin to move in for their turn with the slut.

The two other pirates glanced at each other and stood up with eager grins on their ugly mugs. The Pigman, Pogun, ambled toward the bed the floorboards creaking under his immense girth. He stared at the whore with his tiny, yellow, lust filled eyes. The Scar covered Korin held back waiting for the monstrous creature to make his move.




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Syx grit her teeth and gripped the edge of the filthy mattress as her body was rocked forward again. She felt him bottom out, her cunt stretching to accommodate the bulbous head and thick...
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